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Holster discount code heads up!

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I know that I have recommended that some of you look at the top of the line quality holsters made by Red Nichols. I was browsing his site yesterday, as he sometimes adds interesting stuff, and noticed that he is knocking 20% Off his entire line of holsters ( and his unique belt) if you use the coupon code DC Forum! I thought this was a good deal for me to pass along. There are some of you that have his holsters and can attest to their incredible quality, and perfection of design. I have a few, myself.
Just like the numerous times that people have posted on the critical nature of a really good belt, I have found that I consider more than my selection of the right gun for carry, and carefully choose my belt and holster accordingly.
When I was on active duty in the USAF, I was told that Fighters and Bombers were not merely airplanes, but "weapons systems". I have come to believe that my carry rig is such a system. The right pistol ( for my needs), carried in the right holster on the right belt.
Having the requisite holster drawer, I feel qualified to say that the holsters that give me the most satisfaction have been Red's.
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A few years ago Red Nichols had a contest on one of his Threads in this site. I won a free custom holster he made. I ended up selling the gun it was for (Glock 26) and so i sold holster. I seriously regret it though it was a fine piece of craftsmanship. :( :( It was one of those where keeping a gun i didn't want just to have the holster would have been worth it lol.
I just checked the site out. Those are some mighty fine looking holsters.
They are awesome holsters. The man knows how to fold and sew leather.

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Just in case anyone missed the review done a while back:
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That's a beautiful piece of artwork done by a master craftsman.
This review is possibly the best, most complete explanation of how a properly designed and perfectly constructed holster is made. It touches on all the elements of design, and how they work together to produce a holster that does it's job the way it should. For anyone in the market for a fine holster, it should be required reading.
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