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I posted this on The Firing Line and The High Road forums but got no responses. Perhaps I'll have better luck here.

I'm helping my wife choose a holster for her new CCW gun (a commander sized 1911). I posted something a few weeks ago but my wife instructed me to post something that will (hopefully) be more helpful.

She's been looking at a number of different holsters and reading a some opinions about holsters that are specifically designed to fit women.

What we're really looking for here are experiences that other women have had when choosing a holster of their own. What has worked, what hasn't worked and why. She specifically wants experiences from females. These boards are surely dominated by men and men have lots of experiences that they're happy to share but a mans experience with choosing a holster isn't as helpful as one would think.

My wife is about 5'10". She has an hourglass figure and she's short waisted.

Again, we appreciate all the helpful men on the board but we'd like to restrict this to experiences of women in choosing their holsters. She's willing to try just about anything but hearing others' experiences might save us from buying some expensive holsters that don't work.

While specific holster recommendations are welcome, we're also interested in hearing about things that didn't work and why.

In an effort to increase the number of responses we'd be happy to hear from men who have actually helped their significant others in the holster buying process.
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