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I just got a Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II and will be ordering a Praxis from Little Bear Holsters for it. He does nice work and has done several custom rigs for my Glocks. All his holsters are comfortable to wear and the quality is very good.

The Praxis Prototype is at the bottom of this page:

Little Bear Custom Holsters - Gallery*This Gallery, is a compilation of photos from the beginning of the year to December. Some have never been posted or are "one offs" that I will not produce again.Look for the new line of rigs in a few days.* Thi

The fifth photo up from the bottom is a competition set to match my black and shark belt.

That's a Lupa Lupa Chorto next to the G27 in holster.

I'm a Ambi Person, so I get holsters both ways.
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