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holster for ruger SR9C

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what do you use? this is my CCW. im sorry guys, i guess i should have clarified, i want a OWB. thanks
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Wow, you're about to be inundated with holster choices! i carry a px4 storm subcompact which is comparable to the sr9c sizewise. i favor a Remora with full sweat shield carried appendix at 1 o'clock. if you keep the pistol butt tucked behind your belt it will just disappear. an upward nudge on the muzzle end with your off hand will pop the grip right up for you to grab and draw. very fast imho.
Like OldandInTheWay said, there's lots of choices. I've got my SR9c in a Theis holster right now. Love it.

Just listen to this guy's advice and you'll be fine.

Hybrid IWB Holsters - YouTube
what a great video! wish i was this guy's neighbor. i also have the N82 ("Nate Squared") and primarily use it it 4-5 o'clock when wearing a jacket, as i think that position prints a bit more than appendix. especially when you bend forward.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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