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Holster options for CZ-97B??

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Can't find them listed anywhere. Are they similar enough to a 1911? A friend of mine (who owns the gun) and I are going to look at this weekend's gun show and we want a heads up. BTW, it's a nice 45. As accurate as my USP.
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They're more like the lines of the Sigs.....try a 229/228/226 holster for the CZ........and EAA Witness series or Tanfiglio 75s.. the 9mm pistol........Galco leather has em in many varieties/styles
Works for me. Thanks, Class III
Actually the CZ97 is of its own for holsters. The Sigs wont work as the CZ has a full length dust cover...not even the ST's have that. The slide has significant ht differences over the other CZ's and Witness's need a CZ97 holster.
Holsters for them are sparce at best. Look around and see what is available. I can make you anything you want but wont push my stuff here.....If I can help just yell at me.
Shoot well.............Eric Larsen
Tough to have a less than popular pistol, isn't it. I remember when I first owned my HK USP. Back in '93 it was difficult to find a holster for em, let alone LH too.
FIST lists the CZ 97B among the guns for which it builds holsters.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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