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I too have a short torso and manage to hide various guns on my person with ease.

I tend to favor very low riding IWB Holsters. For the 5" 1911 I've found Mitch Rosen's ARG to work very well, as it has a lot of rake. For the P 35 and Glock 19, or a 3" 4" Revolver the Kramer IWB #3, Milt Sparks Summer Special II or the Watch Six seem to work very well.

The reason I favor the Rosen ARG for the 5" gun is that it has more rake. That little extra degree of rake makes a huge difference in my book. Also, I wear the ARG at 3:00. It forces me to break my wrist a significant amount, but hides very well. The little less barrel legnth of the other guns means I don't need as much rake, hence the other holster models.

For the shorter torsoed person I find it most important to look for a low riding holster where an average or longer torso will hide a gun better with a higher ride.

5" 06", 140# on a heavy day. If I can hide three guns on my person you can too. It just takes the right gear. :bier:

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