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A local gun shop went out of business and I picked up some of their stock.

Tagua Glock 17 RH leather paddle holster $30

Tagua Glock 17 RH leather pancake holster $30
Handgun holster

Tagua Sig P-938 RH leather IWB $20

Tagua Sig P-938 RH leather OWB $20
Tan Leather

Tagua Sig P-238 RH leather IWB $25
Handgun holster Leather
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Tagua S&W J-frame Ambidextrous leather pancake holster Sold
Personal protective equipment Handgun holster Sports gear

Tagua S&W J-frame RH leather IWB Sold

Tagua Taurus Slim 709 RH leather OWB $20
Tan Brown Leather Wallet

Tagua Springfield XDM 3.8 RH leather OWB $20
Tan Handgun holster Leather Caramel color

Colt Tactical Range Bag $45

Send me a message if you are interested.

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Gonna go out on Ali,b here and guess your right handed......
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