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Holsters Oh happy day

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Well I recieved my Tucker "Secret" last month for my compact 1911. And really like it allot. Even though it was about 3 weeks late, it was worth the wait.

Yesterday I ordered a Woolfe Bite IWB for my LCP and then today I ordered a Simply Rugged "Silver dollar" for m,y Taurus m85UL. Can't wait to get my 2 new holsters. I'm at work for 2 more weeks then have 4 weeks off so if I am lucky I'll have both holsters sometime while I am at home. Can't wait to try them out, and hope they are as good as they look.
Anyone else have a Woolfe Bite or Silver Dollar holster? And if you do do how do you rate them?
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I think the waiting is the hardest part. Hope they are there by the time I get back home in 2 weeks. Here is a couple generic pics of the 2 holsters off of each respective site.

This is the holster I got for the LCP, a Woolfe Bite from Woolfe gunleather.

And this is the IWB/OWB I have ordered from Simply Rugged, a Silver Dollar.

Can't wait to get them and try them out.
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Thanks RMS I can't wait to get them and give them a try out. For the price of either I think they will be hard to beat.
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