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Home surveillance

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Have any of you invested in home surveillance? I know this might be a bit off topic, but could prove usefull in certain situations. Mine has come in handy more than once. Under $500, 2 infrared hidden cameras, records 3 months of footage onto your computer. I also put a system in my business and caught an employee stealing :chairshot Worth checking into if you haven't already.
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I've been considering putting something similar in on a house I'm buying.

Be curious to see what others have come up with. I like the idea of yours recording to the computer rather than to a VCR.
What system did you go with?

Did you do it yourself or did you go with a professional survellience system? Thinking about one for my house too.
The Walgreens 7 blocks away is open 24 hours a day and we've had some interesting things happen in the neighborhood in the early morning hours.
I did mine myself, it was a piece of cake. Mount the cameras, run 1 wire to a plug and a coaxial to your PC. You have to install a card in your PC and software. Thats it. You can play back slow motion, set it on continuous or motion detect, search footage by date and time, zoom in/out. I bought my system from their 24 hr support is great also when troubleshooting. I painted the cameras and wires the same color as the house and they blend right in.
I use to work in Loss prevention, ( yes, I've said that a million times already) but a digital home security system is cheaper that most firearms and very easy to install.

Covert cameras are the way to go if you suspect someone in the house of doing something they shouldn't be. For that a VCR and a time date recorder are the way to go.

Good luck,

My only concession to surveillance is for my office. Because I am there so much and - it is at near bottom of yard - I choose to know who is approaching. If wife at work and step kids gone - I have no way of knowing if visitors are ''friendlies''!

Sounds a bit paranoid but - my all guns are there too!

I have three cameras - radio type - linked to a small monitor and any camera that is detecting movement gives me four bleeps. The three usually auto rotate but the one that ''sees'' movement stays frozen a while.

One covers entrance door - other two cover two wide fields of yard. Most of time of course - visitors are family or friends but twice I have been alerted to total stangers - usefully. They were both legitimate visitors but by time they reached door to knock or holler - they were potentially able to see the red of CT grips. :smile: They didn't of course!
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