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Horrible dream last night.....

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Just posted this at THR... :frown:
Last night, I dreamed a new piece of gun control legislation had been made law. It got in as part of a new "security" bill. There was no text of the bill available prior to voting, and it was passed simply on the word of the sponsor. The bill made it a felony offense to have more than 14 rounds loaded at one time. Regardless of whether they are for seperate guns, including range time or home defense. Only 14 rounds could be loaded in mags, etc at one time.
I woke up sweating. :eek:
So, what do you think? What would be the gun industry's response to this? Nothing? Do you think there would be a rash of "new and improved" ammunition, for sure "one stop shots"? Maybe new, more powerful ammo?
What would the NRA do? Or not?
What would be your response?
No more 15+1, no longer any difference between capacity for a 9 or a .45. No more worry about reloading during a gunfight.
What about zombies????? :biggrin:
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Look On The Bright Side

Maybe that dream means you're getting a nice single stack Colt 1911 for a X~Mas present. :biggrin:
You know how that Dream Symbolism gets all mixed up.
It could be good news for you.
Thing that worries me is - the BG's would ignore that like every other law!! The odds would alter even more, for the worse.

Sure as heck would ruin my fun with AK or FAL!
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