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Horrible story out of my neck of the woods - reinforces the need for CCW

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If only - if only - one of the neighbors had been licensed and armed...

Not much to say about the tactical situation here - he's obviously armed and willing to use it. Just goes to show, though, that the brown stuff can hit the rotary air impeller anyplace, at any time. Be prepared.

LAKE MARY -- A disabled Army veteran slashed his son to death in front of horrified neighbors Friday and ran back into his home, where deputies later found his slain wife.

Investigators released few details. But neighbors on Queensbridge Drive said they saw Nico Duzant running from his house, crying for help as Franklyn E. Duzant, 40, chased him. Then, neighbors said, they saw Duzant butcher the boy with what they described as a machete or sword.

Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger said Duzant kept attacking the boy while he was on the ground.

"This is really horrific," Eslinger said.

Carlos Espino, 41, was returning home from work when he noticed the boy running from his home. Espino ran to help and recognized Nico as a friend of his nephew's. The boy's hands were severed, and his throat was slit and gushing blood.

Artie Bourgeois, who lives next door, at 480 Queensbridge Drive, said neighbors who saw the attack told him they screamed, "Frankie, Frankie, what are you doing? What's the matter with you! Don't do this!"

He then started threatening them with a machete, Bourgeois said.

A firefighter knelt over the boy, crying as he tried to save the child.

"It was too late," Espino said.

Neighbors wept as they described Nico as a nice kid. He had just finished fifth-grade at Heathrow Elementary and was known as an excellent skateboarder.,0,4818907.story?coll=orl-home-headlines
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That is horror of the first order - what I wonder made the guy flip like that.

Indeed tho - just maybe someone armed could have slowed or stopped the slaughter.

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It's never good when someone young dies, gotta wonder what the heck is wrong with the attacker.

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one eyed fatman said:
Sheep tend to stand around and watch.
Don't forget "and wring their hands crying: "Frankie, Frankie, what are you doing? What's the matter with you! Don't do this!"

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I noticed that no one posted in this thread with the "for me and mine, ONLY" statements.

I do understand why they use that phrase, but threads like this one usually tends to "get to" the very heart of us all.

No matter how you feel about "intervention," there will be times where you simply MUST.

It's too damned bad the people who "stood by" and made "good witnesses" didn't have the means, the fortitude, or perhaps either, to save a life. I cannot imagine my neighbors failing to act in some meaningful way, under similar circumstances. They know I'd not let them down.

I've no idea what the "norm" is. . . I hope my neighborhood is closer to that "norm,' and not the one described in that first post. (I know, I don't have "all the facts." My comments are simply based on the facts presented.)

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