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Yoshi, something else to bear in mind- these surplus guns have had years of steel rods being run down the bore from the muzzle-end. My guess is a re-crown would do wonders for you, along with replacing the scope mount.

The gun shop you went to must surely have been owned by a man named Ba'alam, for you surely spoke with a talking ass!:biggrin2: Seriously, they won't touch it because they realize that folks spending $100-200 on a rifle won't generally shill out $80 for their work. ($20 job, with $60 "shop-time").

I have a manual crowning cutter (11 degree), with .30 cal pilot that I'm willing to loan, if you promise on your most beloved's beating heart to return it:ticking: . Very easy to do- attach the pilot to the cutter, slide pilot into bore, apply steady downward pressure while turning clockwise. Remove the cutter every 6 turns or so, and brush off the shavings. Stop when you have a nice 11 degree slope from the outer edge of your barrel to the mouth of the bore (the edges of your visible rifling should look much "sharper", BTW). Use cutting oil, or something like brake fliud or Marvel Mystery oil, liberally, when cutting. PM me, if you're interested.

As Heckke says, ammo will make a difference- even WWB should be a bit more consistant than Wolf, etc..
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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