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How are the gun shows in Arizona?

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I have yet to check out a gun show. I hear they are quite frequent here in Arizona. Good place to seek out better deals than the retail shops, and stock up on ammo or is it over priced? I recently purchased a glock 19 gen 4 from Sportsman's warehouse they offered a 10% military discount which i liked.
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Not as good as they used to be, but still pretty respectable. Crossroads of the West seems to have one every month at the State Fairgrounds in Phoenix. The mother of all gun shows in Arizona is the SAR show in December at the State Fairgrounds. Smaller towns have them also, and they can be a good place to pick up accessories and firearms from private party sales. Recently, I have noticed price gouging on ammunition, but hopefully, the market will correct itself.
I left Az last Sept lived there over 15yrs and the last gun show I went to was 2yrs b4 I left and the reason was the prices were actually stupid and that was long b4 the gun control push. My close friend went to the show I went to a LGS we both bought guns and they were same model and I paid $95 less he took his back next day got his money went to store and bought there. Just got email from a retired LEO friend this AM and he said he won't be going to them anymore he ended up buying on line and with the $25 dealer fee he said he paid a lot less.
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