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They varied in size from 8 inches to upper body torso size.
But that was a long time ago.

The fieldcraft and physical fitness/water test were the real kickers. The course use to be 10 weeks, and the after assignment was usually a battalion level STA platoon.

I have no idea what the current standards are.
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This is from a USMC Scout Sniper Training manual:

Two day course of fire:
Range: 100, 200 and 300 yds.
Target: DEA silhouette. Modified- blackened 1" above/below centerline of the eyes extending the width of the head.
Scoring: Only shots within the blackened area count as hits.
Sights: Adjusted at each distance. No hold-offs will be used.

Day 1: 30 rounds total. 10 from each distance all at the same target.

Day 2: First 5 rounds will be fired at double targets. Terrorist target half covered by a hostage target.
Second 5 rounds will be fired at multiple targets. Terrorist target partially covered by 2 hostage targets.
Since only shots within the darkened area of the head will count as hits, care must be taken to cover part of that area with the hostage targets.

Additionally, on the second day, firing of rounds from each yard line will be done as follows:
1&2 from behind a "wall" barricade
3&4 from a "roof" platform
5&6 from behind a post
7&8 from a "window"
9&10 from the sling in prone position

Standards: A student is deemed to have failed if:

a: He misses 7 or more times each day

b: If he hits a hostage at any time.
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