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How do I make my shottie look cool?

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Anyone have any pointers on how to give my shottie a bad *** look and feel to it? I've already ordered the 18.5' barrel, and a collapsible stock w/ shell holders. The main point of shortening it up like this is because it's current 28' barrel is hard to maneuver in the house in the event of a home invasion. My current stock is solid and lacks a pistol grip. I'd like my stock and barrel to be as short as possible, with the easy access of a pistol grip for better control.

(Note: These are stock photos, not actual photos)

Currently it looks like this:

I ordered the 18.5' barrel and a collapsible stock w/ shell holder (which will probably end up looking like this after installation):

I think that would pretty much be all I need except for maybe a barrel shroud, but would there be any need for it? Pros and cons?

With the barrel shroud it should look like this when all is said and done:

My hope is for it to be a good tactical shottie for bumps in the night, yet easily convertible back to a good turkey gun.

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I prefer mine without the heat shield, I do have a fixed stock but it has a pistol grip for more control. Mossberg Maverick 88.

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I would stick with functional,a BG ain't gonna care how cool your shotty looks,I would add a light to it and should be good to go
The power of pesuasion for a shotgun is the sound of a shell being chambered, looks are way down the list. Not to say you should not modify your shotgun if you want to change the look.
How do I make my shottie look cool?
Hard chrome it??????
Two words: Side saddle (the kind that attaches to the receiver)!!!

And two tone, you gotta do two tone. OD green and Black, or OD green and coyote tan, or coyote tan and black.

Than again, I'm not a very cool person so don't listen to me. But I still think a side saddle rocks.
When I shoot a hundred plus 12 ga. rounds on a combat shotgun course, I don't care how the damn gun looks.

I want a functional work horse that goes bang. The heat shield serves a function so that you don't burn bare skin after shooting several rounds.

When shooting from barricade, prone, over car hoods, shooting from under fences and after crawling through drainage pipes, the heat of the barrel is a real concern and can cause an instantaneous second degree burn on contact. I know... I've gotten several little second degree "sizzle burns" over the years with other shotguns as well as with this one. The barrel shroud helps significantly, but you still can get a burn. Definitely makes for an uncomfortable day at the range. Especially if you get a fifty cent sized burn on your sensitive forearm skin right off the bat with 4 or 5 hours left ahead of you on the range.

I have a parkerized Mossberg 590A1 pump which has well over 3,000 rounds through it and has been through the ringer without a hiccup. I don't have anything fancy on it. An Eagle Industries buttstock shell holder, a Side Saddle shell holder on the receiver, simple quick release sling and a tritium bead at the end of the barrel. I like being able to see where the end of the muzzle is during night or low light conditions.

Photo's were taken rather hastily at work so I apologize in advance.

Eagle Industries stock mounted shell holder

Receiver mounted Side Saddle

Tritium Sight Bead

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Remember if using a pistol grip stock with the Mossberg tang safety you may have trouble reaching the safety. The Maverick has the crossbolt safety which may be a little more accessible. Also if your forend is a field type as in the first photo you will have to notch the forend for clearance if using the 6 shot Tac-Star sidesaddle.

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Tactical shotgun pointers -
Side saddle shell carrier
Collapsable or Foldable pistol grip stock (I hate shotguns with NO stock)
Ghost Ring sights or a tritium bead
Tactical Light (good idea for a 3am breakin when you cant see a damn thing and finding a light switch is at the BOTTOM of your to-do list)
Combat style fore-grip (Pistol or strap style,this is only MY personal opinion)
*Optional* sling like a 3 point tactical or the like
*Optional* If you want to feel really special about it, you can even do a mag tube extension

Load it with 00 buck or Slugs and youre good to go for the most part.

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You wanna make your shotgun look bada**? Why?

Anyway, to make it look the most bada**... get it functional - a light, good sights, a solid stock that fits your needs and a side saddle. Then take several different levels of tactical shotgun courses. Finally add in gobs of range and drill time after you know the right thing to do... then your shottie will look bada** because the guy behind it is a bada** with a shotgun...
The way it looks now:

The arrangement that I'm looking for in a "bad-ass" 12 GA

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Here's my shotgun I put together last year for cheap. It works darn well, though. Pistol grip, new stock, high intensity light, laser sight and quick acquisition sight. Oh yeah, and a 10 rnd magazine :smile:


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hang it on the wall in my bedroom. i think that would look totally awesome. :D :p

i have to agree with the "smarter not cooler" idea. something to hold a few more shells. a light. I don't think a laser is bad if done right. im not a fan of the barrel shroud though. don't see much of a point. but to each his own.
I would stick with functional,a BG ain't gonna care how cool your shotty looks,I would add a light to it and should be good to go
+1 agreed, keep it simple.
IMHO any modifications to a weapon system should be first, and foremost, performance enhancements, not cosmetic doo dads.

Every individual has different needs. Shock absorbing stocks such as the Knoxx Spec Ops stocks are acceptable not for their appearance but for their ability to allow the operator to reduce felt recoil and shooter fatigue. It also allows the operator a higher degree of flexibility when engaging multiple targets.

White light is also a performance enhancement, to some degree. A shotgun is a two handed operation, and with the proper white light you can illuminate when needed and go dark when needed.

Laser. This is one addition that I do enjoy only due to the fact that my vision is poor in the shooting eye. The laser allows me to place shot on target without using my shooting eye. This is user dependent, not necessary for everybody.

In the end, keep it simple and remember that your mods should reflect actual needs, not cosmetic desires.

Just my .02
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Everybody knows that cool shotguns are blue and walnut. they shoot better too.

Really though, spend the money and effort taking a class or two, then you will under stand that gadgets and doodads really look silly. You will want a slick shotgun, maybe a side saddle, and maybe a light... thats it.
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