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How do you ''know''?

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This overlaps other threads a lot - so not really original - we have dealt with several aspects of why to carry and how often.

But here I am posing just one simple question - ''how do you know that today when you go out is risk free''?

I personally do not - and many would agree. Some tho will claim (seemingly!) a sorta precognitive ability. :smile:

I have no axe to grind with the personal choice aspect but - I do certainly not claim myself to know what the heck any and every day or journey out may hold.

Yesterday - paying for gas - I watched a very ''odd'' individual in the mini-mart area - he was collecting potato chips, sodas etc but - some spidey sense made me very aware. I doubt he was a threat but - who knows!! Just call me Mr Paranoid LOL :biggrin:

Tell ya what - older you get - the more you don't trust other folk!
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I'll rehash an old story.

When I was sitting in my vehicle with the Smith and Wesson on my lap as the man walking through the gridlock was jiggling car doors, I didn't "know" he was attempting any kind of car jacking.

When he looked me in the eye and then diverted his attention to the revolver, I didn't "know" if he was thinking if he could still get away with it somehow.

However what I do know is that he ran away very quickly, and that I felt a hell of a lot better with those 6 rounds of sweet sweet .357 Magnum ready to go. At that point in time that gun was suddenly the best investment I ever made.

I'll never "know" if that guy was just looking for help or directions, nor will I ever "know" if he wanted to drag me out of that truck cab and stab me.
One never knows the where or when of next encounter - CRSam.

I never forget what my friend CRSam shared. Never will.

Ran thru my brain while in the Revenue Office to renew tags the other day, A State bldg where NO CCW is allowed. 3 Street folks came in, not very pleasant and not very sober I might add. NO Security Guard.Only three ladies working the satellite location.

One "gentleman" was swinging a jump rope - with heavy wooden handles. Another had his Quart of brew, the third had a 1X4 as a walking stick.

Customers were one pregnant lady, one child with her mid 20's mom, two ladies in their mid 60's, Marine in his late 20's with Desert Camo and myself.

Marine and I nodded to each other. Then looked at the customers and State employees. Marine and I at the same time folded up a folding chair , we had a good hold on these chairs.

"May WE assist you gentlemen?" I asked

One with the jump rope slurred his speed, when he swung that rope towards me - I took firm hold of the rope and tugged - he stumbled, his eyes met mine. He mumbled something else and the 3 gents headed toward the front door. Marine and I behind them at a distance. Pregnant Lady called the Police with her cell phone.and we noticed down the way in the parking lot the gentlemen being visited with.

One never knows...
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Steve - hey dude - time you came and lived somewhere safer!!! :smile:
Hey Chris,

The world is what it is. One has to take responsiblity for themselves wherever they go, whatever they do. One has a right to Activities of Daily Living. I do not look for trouble, I make an effort to "not be there". The reality is folks that pay attention are more aware of life's dangers. Folks walking thru life in a pink cloud miss so many things -period.

I have to admit , and the Marine and I commented on this. A GOOD set of jump rope, with nice HEAVY handles, say for a person to tote while watching the kids outside, or entering and leaving a gym would be a neat idea.

Street gentleman when he exited doubled the rope, put around his waist, and the handles inserted such that they hung down like tassles. Looked like he could grab a length of rope and whip them handles at a person right fast.

I learned something...I always do from observing life's lessons.
You cant know there no way .. At least i cant , Cant read the future
I didn't know when I got up this morning I'd have a mishap on the road today....

But here I am posing just one simple question - ''How do you know that today when you go out is risk free''?

How does anybody KNOW before they go to sleep ~ that tomorrow they'll even wake up in the morning?
You don't know,it's as simple as
that.I carry every day,i've got
one next to me at home and i
have one in the bathroom when i
I remember from Philosophy 101 that to know some thing it must be true, so you can never know something before it happens since until it happens it is not true.
Life is unpredictable - will I come home to a cold brew tonight, or be on a cold slab? I prefer the former, by far, so I do what I can to ensure this, by use of common sense safety equipment, ie, spare tires, seatbelts, fire extinguishers, cell phones, and a fuly loaded CZ75 PO1 with spare magazine.
How does anybody KNOW before they go to sleep ~ that tomorrow they'll even wake up in the morning?
Too right QK - certainty in life is really quite fragile.

Each day I wake I have my own small celebration - even if cursing the pain in my back as the oil is slow to circulate! :biggrin:
I "know".............That it is never really a safe day. Anyone can get attacked at any time. Paranoid ? NO......Ready? Yes.
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