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How do you ''know''?

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This overlaps other threads a lot - so not really original - we have dealt with several aspects of why to carry and how often.

But here I am posing just one simple question - ''how do you know that today when you go out is risk free''?

I personally do not - and many would agree. Some tho will claim (seemingly!) a sorta precognitive ability. :smile:

I have no axe to grind with the personal choice aspect but - I do certainly not claim myself to know what the heck any and every day or journey out may hold.

Yesterday - paying for gas - I watched a very ''odd'' individual in the mini-mart area - he was collecting potato chips, sodas etc but - some spidey sense made me very aware. I doubt he was a threat but - who knows!! Just call me Mr Paranoid LOL :biggrin:

Tell ya what - older you get - the more you don't trust other folk!
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Life is unpredictable - will I come home to a cold brew tonight, or be on a cold slab? I prefer the former, by far, so I do what I can to ensure this, by use of common sense safety equipment, ie, spare tires, seatbelts, fire extinguishers, cell phones, and a fuly loaded CZ75 PO1 with spare magazine.
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