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How do you split your training time?

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Just wondering how people split up their training hours between:

2.Dry Fire
5.'Blunt' instrument e.g. kopo stick
6.Mental aspects/Awareness training etc.
7.Whatever else
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Phill - I confess to some degree of sloth - due to age!!

I no longer adopt any specific schedule - I do any aspect as and when I think of it or when convenient. Range time is when I can make it but dry fire is usually on a whim at some stage of day in the office. Knife too is similar - stand up - retrieve and deploy - can I still do it well enough?

I can no longer achieve what I could 20 and more years ago but - reckon to maintain best fluency I can. I notice muscle memory with gun in particular is rarely too degraded - it appears in hand as an extension and always feel natural - I am glad for all the shooting over my lifetime that helped build that.

I practice observational skills at all times all days - that is one thing I do not let slip.

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I try to mix it up some. Mostly dry fire and soft air drill as I don't have to leave the house to practice.

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I would say, in descending order of importance:

1). The gym
2). Rest (you make crappy decisions when you're tired)
3). Shooting
4). Reloading (that includes research and test fires)
5). Knife research
6). Knife sharpening for personal use

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I read someplace where it took maybe 3 thousand iterations to implant muscle memory with say drawing your firearm. Dry fire seemed to help when I got stupid and pulled the trigger instead of squeeze, I just didn't do it enough but feel it was important. Thanks for the reminder, maybe I should get back to dry fire, it would help to strengthen my arms.

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According to Kelly McCann in his Combat Shooting video series (by Paladin) 'muscle memory', which we might define as unconsious action, takes half a million reps or more. This would be something like an assembly worker type of thing. Five to ten thousand reps gets you to a 'familiarity' stage, where you are less likely to f-up, but the action still needs conscious direction.

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Mental - daily.
PT - daily.
Dry fire - daily.
Empty hand - twice weekly or more (sparring less than monthly).
Range time - weekly or biweekly.
Bladed weapon drills - biweekly or less (sparring less than monthly).
Baton/yawara drills - monthly or less (sparring less than monthly).

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Mental: most of the time

Empty-hand: 15-20 hours per week, this is also my PT (yeah, I know...I'm obsessed:biggrin:)

Knives and/or impact weapons (kubotan, koppo, travel-wrench, stinger): several times per week if not every day

Dry fire: almost every day

Range: not as often as I'd like...once every week or ten days if I'm lucky, once or twice a month otherwise. :frown:

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Mentality-- everyday

Workout-- 3 to 4 times per week

Dryfire minium of 5 to max of 7 days per week

Range-- 1 x per week

Instruction/trainning-- 2 to 3 times per year

Knives--- i know very little on this subject but will in the future

empty hand-- no training other than what I've been thru in my life

Blunt object--- zero!
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