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Has either the cost or the availability of ammunition affected how much you shoot?

  • Neither cost nor availability

    Votes: 8 6.5%
  • Cost but not availability

    Votes: 2 1.6%
  • Availability but not cost

    Votes: 26 21.1%
  • Both cost and availability

    Votes: 87 70.7%

How have ammunition prices affected your shooting?

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Spent a lot of time at the range over the last few weeks and it seems that people are conserving ammo, maybe due to cost, maybe due to availability. How have these issues factored into how much you shoot at the range for practice or competition?
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Sorry for the typo, the question should read: Has either the cost OR the availability of ammunition affected how much you shoot? Hoping an Admin will fix this.
Wow! Those admins are fast! Thanks!
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Price has gone up a little bit for everything except .223/5.56. That has doubled (M855 up to $12 from $7). The biggest thing for me is that there is nothing on the shelves except for .308 and .40S&W, and calibers typically used only for hunting. My caches of 9mm, .45, 7.62x54R, and 5.56 were good before the panic, but I have toned down shooting just because I don't know when I'll be able to replenish what I shoot.

Ammo for the Mosins is still cheap and plentiful, as are the least in my neck of the woods.
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I point and say BANG alot now :tongue:
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I've been shooting less lately since it's became difficult to find ammo. I prefer to buy what I'll be using instead of using any from the stash.

Lately I've only really been able to find .45 so I've been shooting my 1911 a lot more than before. Until recently, I almost forgot I had one. ;)
My shooting has dropped off one hitting the range every week to now going every second or third week. It's more cost than availability, although I guess they're flip sides of the same coin. I can get all the .45 ammo I want but I can't afford to shoot it as much as I generally shoot 9mm. But of course, I can't find as much 9mm. I've got a decent stash of .22 ammo, so I don't mind burning up a couple hundred rounds every other week.

If things don't improve soon I'm gonna buy a BB gun. And no, I'm not joking!
Does anyone remember the good 'ole days of 100 round mag dumps, just cause it was fun? :frown:
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Before the rush, most of my practice regimen was dry fire and Force-on-Force in my garage or back yard. Most ranges don't allow shooting and moving, drawing from holster, and other necessary drills. Much of this can be practiced without firing a shot or with a like-minded partner and a couple of gas blow-back Airsoft pistols.

I haven't changed anything.

I do have a couple of training classes scheduled this year and will need to stock up for them vs dipping into my hoarding stash.
I can't find .38 spl ammo anywhere
We have cut back on our Winter practice. Now that the match season is almost here we need to get on it. We may choose to shoot in less matches this season. It is way too bad that the 22lr is hard to find. We use it to train our kids, wifes and new people to the sport. Not going to be able to much of that this season.
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Lack of availability has pretty much stopped my shooting dead in it's tracks.
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I haven't been able to find what I need at any cost lately. Lack of availability has put my shooting habit into conservation mode so as not to deplete my strategic reserves.
I can't find .38 spl ammo anywhere

good thing you don't know where my loading bench is! Just made some
I have gone from purchasing and shooting about 1000 rounds/month to having to drive fifty miles each way to purchase a limit of 100 rounds at extremely inflated prices. Yeah, the current stampede has altered the amount I shoot, from quite a bit to next to nothing.
I load my own. Reloading components are scarce and prices are quite a bit higher. I was shooting 3-5 times per month, now I'm shooting, at most, once per month.
No real effect yet, I rarely shoot in the winter - too cold! One thing I have done is try to add ammo to my inventory (without much success). With spring coming I don't believe I will be able to shoot as often, between the price of ammo and the low supply it doesn't look feasible.
Ammo prices haven't gone up in Montana. Not even a penny! Only thing you can't find are components and 22.LR.

In God and Glock we Trust
Nothing has changed for me, I shoot the same as always. I have not bought a single thing at inflated prices. I guess after going through 4 ammo, component, ban scares I finaly got it together and have enough reloading stuff to keep me happy until this one blows over.
Finally went to the range yesterday for the first time in 5 months -- MAN it felt good to shoot -- but was much more cognizant of how much money I was spending as I pulled the trigger. It does not take as much time to send $100.00 down range as it used to.

But it sure felt good to shoot ..... it will feel just as good to have some cleaning to do.
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