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How many guns do you keep loaded?

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Ok - your carry piece, of course. Then maybe the odd strategically placed HD gun.

But overall - hoiw many do you keep ''at the ready''?

I got to considering this and did a tally. Carry - yes of course. Bug (bugs) yes indeed... NAA mini and R9.

The what? Ok well wife's snub of course is stoked, as is M66 HD gun hidden in house (somewhere!). My 870 is (with mag extension) always ''primed'' (7) tho nothing chambered.

I also have SP-101 on a shelf in office loaded. A drawer in office where my fanny pack lives has Bersa Thunder living within - loaded.

In safe - hmmm well - too many to count! 629 - loaded. P series (95 and 97) loaded tho not chambered. SW99 - loaded tho not chambered. BHP - loaded but not chambered.

AK - loaded (but not chambered). CX-4 Storm - loaded but not chambered.

Haha - sounds crazy - me paranoid - nah!! Biggrin:
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Just the first responders, CC and P3-AT.. I figgure that should get me home or to the safe room armory.
Just 2... my carry .357, 6 +12 in speedloaders handy, and the Winchester Ranger 12g, 3 rounds of buck shot in the magazine (holds 5) and 5 slugs in a side-saddle on the stock.
Just 2. My 1911 carry weapon and my Mossberg 12 gauge.
As a matter of course, I don't leave long guns chambered in the house unless it's special cases. Pistols not locked up are loaded and chambered.

If you count my wall decor with loaded mags, probably 15ish total at any given time.
although i prefer a 1911, i carry an h&k usp 45 because of the high capacity (13 rounds total) and its loaded. i keep a fully loaded springfield 1911 mil-spec in my truck condition 1 so that in the rare event that i didn't have my carry weapon on me, i would always at least have one in my truck. i keep a loaded 686 .357 in my wifes truck for the same reason. i always kept another condition 1 springfield 1911 on my rhino (which i recently sold, and am replacing next week) for the same always have at least 1 within reach. inside my bedroom i keep a loaded winchester 1300 defender with 00 buckshot and in my home office i keep a loaded 16" bushmaster. i have a walther p22 with an ankle holster that i carry as a last resort when theres no possible way to conceal a real weapon such as when im working. although im self employed, due to the physical nature of my work theres just no way to hide a real weapon and id hate to lose a customer because they were uncomfortable seeing my USP while im working inside their business. when im not wearing it as a last resort, the p22 is loaded and usually in my tool bucket.

i keep a 300 mag for hunting but its typically not loaded. everything else is prepped for longterm storage and safely tucked away in my cache.

also worth mentioning, there isnt much crime to worry about out here. id bet im 10x more likely to shoot a mountain lion in my yard than i am an aggressive human.
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3 at home or on me.
Usually 3

but, since I keep one semi~auto rifle mag loaded with 50 rounds of .223....that should count for at least 2 more right? :wink:
Just one, my carry gun, but it's usually a 15 - 17 rounder and I do have usually two additional loaded mags available for it.

I'm not keen on leaving loaded guns stashed around the house.
I'm not keen on leaving loaded guns stashed around the house.
True enough Ron and thought I'd clarify my sitation. My carry and wife's - under control. The only other loaded piece in the house is the M66 and that is, shall we say - ''deep hidden'' and far from in evidence. Only Bonnie and I know of its whereabouts. I certainly would not wish for loaded pieces ''scattered'' around!!

The 870 is under bed at night and by me in office during day - so again - under surveillance. The rest are some of the guns in the safe - as I mentioned, unchambered but with full mags in.
Post-burglary, I keep my guns locked in the safe, so all I have out are my carry guns. Everything in the safe is unloaded, but has ammo handy.
2 carry and winchester 1300 defender 12 gauge
Depends on your definition of "loaded." If you mean ready to go with one in the chamber, then only my carry gun which doubles as my nightstand piece. But all of my semiautos in the safe have a loaded mag in the well. No revolvers are loaded except the NAA mini 22.

Funny thing, I make sure that when I turn in the nightstand gun is clear with only the mag inserted. I like to make sure I'm FULLY awake before I acquire a sight picture. Racking the slide achieves that, for me.
2 Ar-15's,1 30 cal Carbine,1 S&W 38 snub,P-89 9mm, 1 Colt Commander .45

Pistols are spread out in locations very close to doors in and out.

one AR in the bedroom, one in my computer room. 30 cal. by the front door.

I see I am not the only one that is careful, and ready.
In the safe or on me there are G19, G-20, Para-Ord P-14, 1911, Grendel P-10, S&W M&P (WWII 5 screw), AK with100 round drum, AR shorty with double 30 round mags, 2 M-1 carbines with 30 round mags loaded with hollow points, rem 1100 with pistol grip stock and 8 round mag extension. Handguns and 1100 ready to go, rifles have full mags but chambers empty.

Every night the G20 and Grendel are next to the bed, if there is a criminal on the loose the 1100 comes inside and 1 carbine on the wife's side.
A loaded gun in every room in the house. Mossberg 500 in main bedroom fully loaded not chambered. We don't have kids around, all grown and gone, and we're in a rural area so having revolvers and 1911's lying around-out of sight of course-isn't a real problem for us. My Kimber compact or the SA 1911 are constant companions and are cocked and locked. Inside =Kimber. Outside=SA 1911. The yellow light is always on since break-ins a couple years ago, and when I'm outside on my property I carry in the open. I'm not visible to neighbors.
I have a two year old that manages to get into everything she can put her little hands on, so that is my primary concern. The K9 stays loaded, as does the M66 in the bedroom, both out of her access. Everything else is locked in the safe. The 1911 and 22/45 have mags in, empty chamber. The 870 has a sideshell carrier but nothing in the mag; I prefer 2.75 inch #2s for the scattergun, as it is less likely to overpenetrate in the house than 00 or slugs. I do keep those available, however. Everything else stays unloaded, long guns in their storage "socks."

When my daughter goes to college, it's gonna be "game on!!"

“Speed is fine, but accuracy is final.” - Bill Jordan
All of them
One .357, one .38, one 12ga and one .22lr
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