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How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry?

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I was talking to a friend of mine and he thought it would not be very many. I think it would be fairly high although I never personally met a woman that carries.
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Both of my wives and three of my girlfriends all carry. :rolleyes: wife does carry.
A plain & simple .38 revolver & a huge (deadly to human beans) "Guard Alaska" Bear Spray in her vehicle.
Wife and Daughter, the Daughter is real good with her SW 649.
My wife doesn't carry, but she is very much into shooting. She goes with me a lot to the range. She does want to get her CWC license so she can be able to carry though.
My wife car carries now...will get her CCW this spring after I get her out shooting a bit to knock off the rust.
My GF doesn't but is planning on taking a CCW class.
I can't even get my wife to carry her OC the way she should. She likes for me to carry and knows I will protect her when we are together. When I ask her what she is going to do when I'm not there, she just shrugs. I can't convince her otherwise.
Not soon enough, but mine will soon. I'm looking to buy her a compact Glock with my tax return.
My wife only carries occasionally right now, so I would say she doesn't carry. She hasn't found a rig that works for her yet. So we'll see.

My wife has a CHP and carries a .357 snubbie in her purse every day.
My old lady totes a S&W Sigma 9mm with a 17 round mag everywhere.

Despite what the complainers said, the gun's never had a problem in the several years she owns it and it was her choice out of everything else in the shop.

Rule #1 on getting a woman to shoot: let her pick her own gun. It's her hide, after all.
No mine doents anymore she used to in tennesse been trying to get her to take the class here and get the permit
Shes not 21 yet, so no. bout 2 months to go, bday present is going to be either a Browning/FN High Power or a Sig 228 and a weekend CCW course.
I'm still working on my wife. She is open to it, but hasn't gotten her CHL yet. She can't carry at work, since she is a Teacher.
Unfortunately, my wife won't have anything to do with guns-she won't even go to the range and watch me shoot. It was difficult enough getting her to carry pepper spray, let alone suggesting she consider obtaining her CCW and actually carry.
Ummm..none, because I don't play for that team. :joker:

My boyfriend, on the other hand, doesn't currently carry, but is very interested in getting his permit. His job does not allow him to carry, but his job is being an adult case worker for the mentally ill (schizophrenics, bipolars, manic depressives) and sometimes those housecalls are in unsavory neighborhoods. At least two of his clients have tried to commit suicide in the past two weeks, and some clients might be prone to violence if they go off their meds.

My sweetie is a big guy and can take care of himself, but there's always someone bigger and scarier... or better armed.
No wife, no girlfriend(poor me)...but I do carry my LADY(S&W that is)!
My wife will not hesitate to carry her Taurus 84 .22lr with her around the farm. But she will not get a CCW, says that it is my thing not hers. She did seem open to car carry when I brought it up. I'll have to keep working on that one.
nope she just wont do it...i have tried to get her out to shoot but she just wont!!!!
mine does
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