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I have 2 1911's, a Gander Mtn exclusive Kimber Ultra Carry with Crimson Trace grips (purchased 6/25/09, 850 rounds through it) and an old LLama IX-D double stack that I purchased years ago. As you know .45 ammo is expensive, and I do not know of a .22 conversion kit for either of these. Thinking of getting a Kimber Pro tle/rl and a conversion kit.

Anyway, does anyone have a recommended practice schedule/round count that they would recommend?

Should I practice more with the Kimber or IX-D? Does it matter?

What should my specific realistic goal be as far as accuracy? (other than the obvious bullseye)

I am a newb so forgive me if this sounds elementary.
Purchase a .22 that is set up like the gun you intend to carry. Then you can practice all you want. .22 ammo is still cheap. Remember this though, most SD shootings will occur at less that 10 feet. Don't worry about bulls eyes. Keep your eye on the front sight, and shoot. Bulls eyes are for target shooting, you won't be target shooting in a SD situation. Practice your draw, start slow. Muscle memory is important! Get the basics down first, speed will come. I would suggest that you purchase the NRA series of DVD's on SD, they are very good, and will teach you more than you will ever use. If you are not a member of NRA, then go ahead and sign up! Practice does not make perfect! Only Perfect Practice makes perfect! Learn, get it right the first time!
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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