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To apply Glow-On to your 1911, metal frame. Check the mil spec sights on this one.

A safety check first:
All ammunition and magazines must be removed. If there is anyone besides you in the room all ammo must be removed from the room too.

Clean your gun sights with a paper towel and good grade alcohol 95% is decent.
If the Glow-On or any paint fails to adhere to the gun sights, a dirty, oily surface is the culprit.

A small stick sharpened at the end or a small brush can be used to apply the paint.
Let it dry for thirty minutes between layers, a couple of layers will be needed.

Even if our work feels dry after about an hour, we let it dry for at least 24 hours before we apply a clear coat.

Hi quality transparent nail polish can be used, Sally Hansen "hard as Nails"is a good choice. You could use a more expensive clear coat if you want.

The reason for this step is to create a smooth surface to make it easier to clean, since the finish on the Glow-On paint is a bit gritty and will hold smoke residue.
After a session at the range, just wipe it of with your hands, a paper towel, etc.

The use of Hopes to clean your firearm is OK, it wont affect the Glow-On, Some guys still use diesel, that's OK too.

To remove the Glow-On just pry it off with a pointy object , plastic or wood, stay away from metallic punchers as they will damage the finish on your firearm. You could use acetone free nail paint remover to soften the Glow-On before removal

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