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"How To" Function Check The Colt 1911

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I thought that I just would post a searchable Forum Thread on Function Checking the Colt & Colt Clone Pistols. This is a Very Good Link with Photos.
Please run this check with EVERY new Firearm...Every firearm that is NEW to you and every firearm that has had custom work done to it AND every Colt type pistol that you have added aftermarket parts to.
Be A Safe Shooter! ~ Do The Check! It's FAST & EASY to do! :yup:
Courtesy Of D. Kamm. Thank You D. Kamm.

CLICK HERE TO VIST the D. Kamm Function Check Instruction Page.
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Great Addition DuckHunter

That is exactly what can be avoided by doing that simple check!
Thanks for posting that. :yup:
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