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How Worthless it Truly Is

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Basically we can argue about whether or not the police actually had probable cause or if the individual in question had his rights compromised, but the fact remains that this is an individual whom the law had decreed as unfit to own firearms.

We can also point out that "AK 47s and other high powered rifles" is a baited, biased statement.

But what strikes me the most is we have an individual who is a convicted felon, who broke the law on multiple occassions, and whom I would agree has no business owning any firearm, at least not without some kind of legal procedure done to restore his rights.

My former uncle has purchased 2 firearms since coming under the effects of a restraining order. The fact is that these pieces of human crap can get them, and they always will be able to get them.

My father had an opportunity to purchase a real M16. Not an AR 15 that had been illegally converted, a real GI issue M16. $300 cash and carry. He declined and notified the authorities. I highly doubt most of the people presented with this offer did the same. This was years ago and we don't know if they ever caught these people.

Even in the nations which are supposed paragons of gun control the wrong people still get their hands on them. Of course they don't need as many because they know there's little danger associated with accosting lawful people in those countries.

You can ban them, you can make all the laws you want to, you can holler and scream and write up all the biased news articles you want to, but you'll never be able to keep the people who shouldn't have guns from having them. Never. Pass all the laws in the world. It won't help.

Meanwhile my former uncle runs around with a 9mm pistol stuffed in his shorts, and my aunt is stuck waiting for a carry permit to clear. And someone with a rap sheet a mile long has a fully automatic M16 rifle stashed somewhere.
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Exactly. And that is why I will never surrender my firearms to any "lawful" confiscation demand from the government. Criminals can get anything they want, be it drugs, guns or other things. Even if all guns were rounded up and destroyed, the common man is ca[pable of producing them in a backyard workshop with minimal tools. The technology will not go away.
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