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Howdy from Houston, Texas

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Newbie here - just got my CHL. Looking for advice on a concealed carry. I was hell bent on a .45 ACP Springfield XD.. Have been looking around since - can't seem to make up my mind. I feel I definately want a .45 in something that shoots accurately enough - can be concealed easily, and that is enjoyable to shoot..

My other options I have considered are a sig220 carry - although still a bit bulky. The other is a glock - 30 or 36. The problem is I can't get over the lack of legitimate safety. The XD makes me feel a little more at ease holstering it without pushing the handle safety and the Sig has a hammer that requires at least 10lbs of pull initially.. The glock seems to much of a liability. But I guess you don't have to chamber a round - then what good is it when the time comes... I like the polymer frames - the fit my hand well. I'm scared of the really small 3" barrell ultra-compact handguns because their accuracy is highly diminished and my hands have a hard time fitting the handles.

These are my struggles - any insight??
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Welcome to the forum, Ron, and congratulations of the CHL. You will hear plenty of recommendations concerning which firearm to buy if you post your question in the Concealed Carry Guns area. You will probably get several here as well, but the big response will come in the CCG area.
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for registering.
Hello from North Texas. Welcome to the forum and best of luck on your decision. Congats on CHL.
Thanks for the welcome notes.. Glad to be here - tons of useful information!!! Good stuff..

Hi Ron - and welcome :smilez:

Not to try and cheat but - this is (predictably) a popular subject for those new to CCW - and as ever we all want to assist - but, as it is popular there are many threads similar.

So - do try a search on stuff like ''first gun'', ''First CCW" - stuff like that and you might find some good reading.

The one near constant you'll see a lot is - find a gun that both suits your expected carry dress mode - and - you can shoot well with. Plenty of guns can fit the bill.
bio_statix Welcome to the board; I won't hold the Texas thing against you... & last but not least; "What P95Carry said..!" :image035:
Welcome to the Forum Bio. If your looking for a good semi compact .45 You can try the Ruger P345. It's nice and slender, accurate, and reliable (i've had mine for close to a year). The mag holds 8 rounds with one in the chamber. Than there's the baby Eagle .45, it's a little heavier than the P345, and it holds 2 more rounds, very stable, and reliable, and very accurate. Those are the 2 .45's that I've experienced (and own). There's several others out there that'd make fine CCW's also. I would go to Sportsmans Warehouse. They have a huge selection of pistols, and prices very reasonable.
howdy fellow Texan...Welcome
as others have said, search around this site for other threads/more info on first ccw
but I gotta give a quick plug to the glock 30 if you're looking for a good .45 for ccw, got mine 2 weeks ago and I love it
Welcome Bio. Plenty of great info here.
A Commander size 1911 can be concealed easier than a service (4")XD at least IMO as it is thinner.

That being said I do carry my 4" XD 40.

The gun I carry most is my Kahr PM9 less than 1" thick. It goes anywhere. Kahr does make 45s.

Enjoy your search.

Lots of good info here. Do the searches. Post a question if you don't find what you are looking for. Lots of knowledge running around to tap into.
Welcome Aboard.
Welcome - :smile:
A belated welcome to you sir.
Welcome from Tennessee.
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