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Howdy From Mile High!

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Hey ya'll! Found this site through ConcealedCarry magazine so thought I'd stop by and introduce myself. I am an Engineer by trade, a shootist at heart & mind, and a perpetual student (and every now & then a teacher)!! I shoot IDPA time permitting, and believing that each voice counts, involve myself in the political battles with the anti-gunners for all our collective rights to be armed. Been carrying for 30+ years but only the last 6 years with a bonifide, legalfied permit. Look forward to some interesting, thought provoking discussions & exchange of information with all you like minded individuals!
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Welcome Deke

Your post caught my eye as I was born in Colorado Springs. I've lived in Boulder, Fort Collins, Loveland, Fort Morgan, Steamboat Springs, and Kiowa County. (Brandon) I've spent time in Denver but have been in Las Vegas since '88. I probably wouldn't recognize Denver today. Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie myself, but like the group. There's no end to the good information here, and, I think, some darned nice people.

Very nice introduction! :shakehand
Two highly important things that you absolutely must know when you register here!
They are as follows:

#(1) You are really going to like it here.

# (2) We are really going appreciate having you here.

Please don't be afeared to reply to any threads or to start a new one of your own.
We are informal, friendly, and always interested in what is on your mind.
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Ahh the memories of Shotgun Willy's. I use to live in Crested Butte way back when. Welcome aboard Deke45
Welcome to the forum, Deke45! Glad you found us! Am I to assume you are a fellow 1911 fan? :smile:
Welcome Aboard

Welcome Deke45 we always enjoy new members, especially active advocates for our way of life. I hope you enjoy it here. I certainly do. :sport21:
Bumper said:
Welcome to the forum, Deke45! Glad you found us! Am I to assume you are a fellow 1911 fan? :smile:
Is there any other....Oops! :biggrin:
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