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Howdy, from Texas

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Greetings, folks.
I found this forum recently and decided I ought to sign up.

I've had my TX CHL for a few years now and I carry daily. My carry rig is an XD 9mm SC, loaded with Ranger 147gr, in a Don Hume Open Top. I've put well over 11,000 rounds through my subby without a single malfunction.:hand10:

About a year and a half ago, I started a Houston area XD owners group that has progressed into a successful Texas-wide, practical shooting group....specific to the XD line of pistols. To my knowledge, we are the only organized, XD-specific shooting group in existance. We currently have over 80 members, and we are steadily growing. If interested, please check us out at Texas XD Practical Shooters Association.

I'm enjoying the Combat Carry forum. Perhaps I can learn a few things and contribute from time to time as well.
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Hello. Nice to see you here. Sure like XD's.:wave:
Welcome, from another Texan.
Hello from Kansas City.
Welcome from Alabama.
Hi Dan - PA here -

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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome - :smile:
Welcome from Washington.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome Dan,
Just put my hands on an new XD9 this weekend

Welcome from North Texas. Glad you're here.
Welcome from north central Texas.
welcome from the panhandle :tumbleweed:

I just got my xd9sc a few weeks ago
nice shooting weapon
Welcome, cool idea, getting XD owners together.
Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.

Seems to be a bunch of good folks here.
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