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Howdy from UT

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Hey everyone. I was born and raised in Southeast Texas but go to college out here in Utah. I'm a member of my college ROTC and this summer will team up with the Utah National Guard until I finish school and serve in the Army. I work security at night but pack my .40 "3 Subcompact XD everywhere I go. :smile: I look forward getting to know you guys and learning from you.
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Welcome. Maybe we can go shooting this summer. I'll be moving to Stansbury in June.
Welcome to the forum cougar.

Glad to have you with us.
Welcome, Cougar! :wave:

Good choice on your career path, it is an honorable profession. :hand10:

Cougar - welcome :smilez:
I thought you menat U.T. (Hook 'em Horns!) when I saw your login name.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome to the forum!

Good luck on obtaining your commission.
Welcome from TN!
Welcome aboard, just joined myself and have already learned some and seems like an overall great and friendly place!!!
welcome to the machine.....
Welcome cougartxn

It's our pleasure to have you here as a member.:yup:
Thanks for registering! :usflag:
Please feel free to join right in.
Welcome to the forum - :smilez:
Welcome to the forum! :smile:
Welcome from North Texas! Hope ya like UT as much. When I saw UT I was going to trash ya a bit about that KU/UT BB game tonight, but you're off the hook!:wave:
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