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HS2000 safety

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okay, I looked but did not find exactly what I was looking for. I own a HS2000 and was recently talking to a LEO cousin of mine who was telling me how great his Glock is (I can't remember the number). Anyway, He was showing me all the great safety features the glock has and so I told him about the great safety features of my HS2000. He said that mine didn't have the 'firing pin block' feature and keeping one in the chamber was dangerous while CC. He said he could chamber a round in his Glock and basically do anything to it, besides something physically breaking apart, and it wouldn't fire. I was under the impression that my HS2000 had the same 'firing pin block' feature. I did some quick research and didn't come up with exactly what I wanted. I read a couple of articles that said the XD had the 'firing pin block' feature, but both articles were not on the 9mm. I read that the XD was still made in Croatia and imported under the name "XD" by Springfield, but still has the HS2000 name in other countries. The articles were also published within the last year and a half. So, I was wondering if my HS2000 has the 'firing pin block' feature or did that get added later after mine was manufactured? If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.:confused:
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Well IIRC the HS2000 has the same safeties that the XD does. That means that in order for the gun to fire both the trigger safety safety and the grip safety have to be disengaged. How you could do both on accident is beyond me as it means that something would have to press/squeeze the grip and something else would have to get into the trigger guard and press the whole trigger (remember you can't just catch a corner of it, you have to really press it). You can play with it and see how it works just remember to empty out the mag and make sure that the chamber is empty (or use a snap cap as those are perfect for such tests).
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