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I came across this story on the web when I was searching for more detailed information about Paul Pusic. It's from 2002
As it turns out Paul Pusic was just an innocent person who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
He was supposed to be a truly nice guy & his death WAS NOT drug related.

Sharpsburg Homicide Suspect Charged In Robbery
By Tribune-Review Media Service
Friday, November 1, 2002

SHARPSBURG: The man charged with a fatal shooting along Middle Street Oct. 21 faces additional charges including aggravated assault and robbery stemming from an unrelated incident in which he kidnapped a Harrison Township man, tied him in the trunk of his vehicle and ordered him to rob a heroin dealer in the City of Pittsburgh.
Allegheny County police on Tuesday charged Robert Morris "Froggy" Anthony with pistol-whipping and kidnapping Scott Breningshouse from his Harrison Township home on Oct. 17.

Police said the gun Anthony is accused of using to threaten and beat Breningshouse and to fatally shoot a McCandless management consultant three days later in Sharpsburg, had been stolen during a violent home invasion earlier on Oct. 17 in Greenfield.

"This was a pretty big spree, and we're looking into whether other incidents are connected," county homicide Sgt. Jeffrey Korczyk said yesterday. "It's safe to say that all of the incidents are in some way related to drug sales or use."

Anthony, 21, of Penn Hills, was charged Tuesday for the Oct. 17 incident in which he and an unidentified group of friends ransacked a home at 14 Garfield Street, Harrison Township. The victim, 33-year-old

Scott Brenninghouse, identified Anthony Tuesday as the person who struck him in the head with a handgun, threw him in a trunk of a white Cadillac and ordered him set up a drug buy in the city. Brenninghouse told police he was later released on Rodi Road in Penn Hills.

The Allegheny County Police Homicide Unit, in conjunction with the Harrison Township Police Department, charged Anthony Tuesday with aggravated assault, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, robbery and criminal conspiracy.

Anthony is being held in the county jail pending a trial set to begin at noon Friday in the Allegheny County Coroner's Office, where he will face one count of criminal homicide in relation to the Oct. 21 shooting death of Paul Pusic, 44, of McCandless.

Anthony is accused of shooting Pusic, a man who police said had no apparent relationship with Anthony, in a random robbery that could have been drug-related.

On Monday, prosecutors filed additional charges against Anthony which include carjacking, receiving stolen property and illegal possession of a firearm. Charges were filed at District Justice Elissa Lang's office, prior to Anthony's arraignment in county night court.

Pittsburgh police said they have not charged Anthony with the Greenfield incident. County police said they are still trying to identify at least three alleged accomplices in the home invasion and kidnapping.

Police said Pusic suffered several shots to the head and torso following an argument with Anthony shortly before midnight Oct. 21. Pusic was shot in close range as he sat in his vehicle after leaving an apartment at 1400 Middle Street where he visited with two female residents, according to authorities. Police could not say why Pusic was in the borough, but said no drugs were found in his vehicle or in the Middle Street apartment.

Anthony fled the scene in Pusic's gray Chevy Lumina but was apprehended less than five hours later at an apartment in Duquesne.

A witness identified Anthony as the gunman. Early the next morning, police arrested Anthony in Duquesne and seized the revolver. Pusic's family has denied that he was involved in drugs. Police said, however, that they believe all of the incidents involved drug dealers or users.

Police also seized an unspecified amount of drugs after searching the Duquesne home.

Breninghouse, 33, identified Anthony as one of four men who entered his house on Garfield Street in Harrison at about 7 p.m. on Oct. 17. The intruders demanded money and drugs from Breningshouse, his girlfriend and several other people inside, police said. Breningshouse told police that the men tied up him and the other occupants, then Anthony pistol-whipped him. After ransacking the house, Anthony untied Breningshouse, ordered him to call someone to set up a drug purchase and then put Brenningshouse in the trunk of a white Cadillac, police said.

Anthony and his accomplices drove the Cadillac to the city, police said. Breningshouse reported hearing gunfire during what police believe were several attempted robberies of drug dealers, police said. After about an hour, the men freed Breningshouse and left him and the Cadillac in Penn Hills, police said.

Police later found Breningshouse driving the car. Police said the Cadillac and the .357-caliber revolver Anthony was carrying had been stolen during the home invasion in Greenfield earlier in the day, Korczyk said.
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