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I finally decided to buy a G-17, but I'm still not sure why. I must be "infected". Anyway, figured it wouldn't hurt to have one G-17.

But I noticed a Beretta PX4 in the display case and out of curiosity I asked to see it. It was a good time, I was the only guy there. Wow! I am impressed! If I could get the holster of my choice for this gun I would have bought it. The fit to my hand was superb and the DA trigger was a lot better than most. The SA trigger was fine! The balance and weight was good. I couldn't get over it. The trigger reset was moderate, about like a H&K P2000 LEM or XD reset, but longer than a Glock.

It has a rotating barrel lock up and that was appealing too, but I don't know how durable that will be. The thing holds 17 rounds. This one had bright, big night sights (not XS big) and the price was $513. If it hadn't been for holster problems...

Anyway, I wanted the G-17 and it wound up costing $513 and that includes tax, and they didn't charge me the $10 background check fee. I thought that was a pretty good buy.

I ordered a Blackhawk Serpa holster with the trigger guard retention for the G-17 before I left school today (Wednesday). It cost $44.95 plus $9 shipping. It's carbon fiber, comes with both a belt loop and paddle attachment and has adjustable cant and belt slots. Blackhawk is located in Kentucky and the last thing I bought, an Emerson mini-Commander knife, from Kentucky got to me UPS ground the next day. So the holster could arrive tomorrow.

If there's a down side here, it is that I decided not to buy the Sig X-5 226 Tactical. The more I thought about it the more it seemed awfully specialized and gamey. Besides, I could buy three guns with the same money. Or a G-17, a holster, and a set of CT laser grips, although I'd kinda like to get a Streamlight M6X, light and laser combo - it'd fit anything that has a Picitinny rail and have a light to boot.

Anyway, I can't go tomorrow, but Friday I'm takin' the G-17 and an H&K P2000 shooting. Just kind of a comparison.

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QKShooter said:
Hey...don't think those are MY Girly Hands in this pic. It's a Guns & Ammo Photo. Thought some forum folks might want to see the gun you almost bought.
Girly hands? Anyway, that's it. For some reason I've never been very impressed by the pics of the PX4, but when I saw it FTF, it looked a lot better.

One other reason I didn't buy it, is since the Shot Show coming up there may be some surprises there to consider.

You notice how many of these plastic, oops, POLYMER type guns are on the market now? Once there was just Glock, now there's XDs, S&W M&P, Beretta's PX4, Sig 2009/2022, H&K USP and P2000, S&W P99 and Kimber's got a new one now that I can't remember the name of, and there's probably others.

Trigger configurations run from the Glock type, traditional DA/SA, LEM, and DAK.

Anybody know anything about the rotating barrel used in the PX4?

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rocky said:
Cool, let us know what ya think of the SERPA holster. I really like mine, especially with the diffrent carry options.
Just about every adjustable cant holster I have ever tried has so much "hardware" between the holster and the belt that they didn't hold the gun in tight to the body. What about this one?

Oh, yeah, what gun do you carry in it? And, does the retention latch hold securely and release reliably?


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firefighter4884 said:

I posted pictures of the SERPA holster in this thread:

The cant is adjustable by pulling the screws out and moving what position they're in. It isn't too bad for me, although it doesn't give a TON of options either.

I do appreciate it! Thanks.
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