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One point I might make from observing deps at the range with lights on subcompact and compact guns. The addition of the light changes the physics of the pistol in recoil and can/does effect its reliability. Doesnt seem to be a huge deal on the full size guns, but the smaller versions do seem to be effected.
As to a light mounted on a ccw handgun. The point was made that you will point a light at a hell of a lot more things than you will need to point your muzzle at. This makes the case for a weapon mounted light carried off-gun till needed (but, if you knew you needed it, you' d just not be at the fight). And, a second light, such as a Surefire 6 or 9p, to be used primarily as a 'looky' light, but can be used in conjuction with the handgun as a system. Whatever you decide, just apply 2 rules: 1) always have a light, period.
2) practice.

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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