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I don't agree with you. Then again, I don't disagree with you. When I start to carry (after I get out of this grrrrr state!!!) I plan on having a light attached to my gun, or if not attached all the time, at least on my person where it can be attached. That is, an underbarrel tact light of some kind (IE, Surefire X200) on my belt that can be mounted on the pistol without a huge fuss. I'll also carry a second light of some kind weak side for utility use and for identifying targets.

My thought pattern goes something along these lines. 1) two lights is better then one. 2) if I end up in an unavoidable confrontation in dark / dusk, i'd perfer to be shooting two handed as opposed to one, but would still like to be able to see my attacker 3) i realize that i'm not going to want to destroy everything that I have to light up to see better, but there may come a time when I need to do so.

Just a thought, it's another tool, and one that I may be unlikely to use, but if I need it, I'm probably not going to have time to 1) go looking for it or 2) kick myself for not having it.

just my 0.02

Jim :)
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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