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jdsumner said:
One point I might make from observing deps at the range with lights on subcompact and compact guns. The addition of the light changes the physics of the pistol in recoil and can/does effect its reliability. Doesnt seem to be a huge deal on the full size guns, but the smaller versions do seem to be effected.
I've never had reliability problems with my aluminum-framed P-01 or 40-P (which are considered compacts) when the M-3 is mounted on it, and I've shot more than a few rounds out of them with a light attached.

For me, I don't worry about having the light on the gun, because the only other person in my house is my wife. If there's a in the house, and she's beside me in bed, I know it's someone who shouldn't be there. I'm not gonna worry about pointing a weapon light at him. When we have children, Lord willing, then I'll probably go with an off-weapon light.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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