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I have a Surefire X200 on my dedicated home defense handgun, a Beretta 92G Vertec 9mm which came equipped with night sights. When I come home from work, I take it out of the safe (every day) and load it with a 20 round Mec Gar magazine which is fitted with a Pearce +2 floorplate. A spare 20 round Mec Gar magazine, similarly equipped, stands vigil next to the Vertec....both magazines are filled with Speer 124 grain standard pressure Gold Dot JHPs.

By the way, when I'm off to work, the gun and mags get secured in my safe and my Sig P229 comes out of hiding.

The X200 is perfect in the target ID role, but as others have said, it fits that specific role and is not meant to serve as the sole (or primary) means of illumination if things "go bump in the night." ......for that, my Surefire 6P sits on my night stand well within reach.....

I'll take a photo of my set up later and post it for all to see.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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