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I dodidit again Another 1911

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When Ruger came out with the SR1911 it took me over a year and a half to find one. Now they have the SR1911CMD and being addicted to Rugers and 1911s I just had to have one. Much to my pleasure while wandering around at the Fayetteville gun show this weekend I found one at a reasonable price. A few minutes devoted to filling out the 4473 and handing over the cash and I was headed to the door with my new 1911. Now to break it in and I have a new addition to the carry rotation.

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That looks mean! Maybe it is the black body bag behind it!
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Who woulda thunk, while adding it to my inventory database I actually paid $50 less for the SR1911CMD than I paid for the SR1911, today was a very good day.
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Nice find
Nice msgt. Post up a report here when you get the chance to shoot it. Just make sure you don't burn up ALL of your hard-to-find ammo. Always a good day when you come home with a new toy. :image035:
...plumb gorgeous!!! only thing lacking is an ambi of these days...and Ruger oughta be all about quality, too...
When you get too many of them I'll be glad to take a few off your hands. That's a favor from one MSG to another, lol.
That's purty!
I HATE YOU!!!!! j/k

Nice looking gun. Looking forward to a range report on it.
Congrats. Looks "ready to roll" right out of the box. :king:
It will not be your last one either. I have nine of them and am on the look out for more.
Looks great, congratulations. :hand10:
I don't beleive it! You were at a gun show and had to fill out a 4473?

Congrat's on your purchase.
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Nice looking piece there! I'm looking forward to a range report.
I spent several months trying to track one of those down without any luck. They don't last long on the shelf, especially around here. Congrats on a great looking 1911!!
wow. I didn't know the Commanders were out. Very, very nice.
Very, very nice! :yup::hand9:
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