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I felt "protected"

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My lady friend and I (and no, I am NOT marrying again) went for a walk. We were at her house. Not the best neighborhood as it is a bit on the rougher side, but not terrible. I, of course, was carrying. She knows I carry.

I am not all that familiar with her neighborhood. Just about enough to get there and out again.

We walked down a little wooded path. As we came back out to the main street, I recognized a street name so I turned down that side street, mostly to get off the main road. Way too much noise, pollution, etc.

As we were walking down the street, I noticed a few police vehicles parked outside a house (obviously making a friendly visit) and a few shady looking characters walking the streets. I didn’t sense any danger, but I did say to her that this was not the best street to walk down. Why didn’t you stop me and pick a “better” route.

Her comment was, “oh I felt protected.”

We had a short discussion that I do not look for trouble. In fact, I tend to avoid situations where I may find myself there. Maybe we have been watching too many 24 episodes and she thinks I can save the day the way Jack Bauer does. She agreed to be a bit more aware of where we walk and avoid the questionable streets.
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As a woman myself, sometimes feeling protected is nice, but I never count 100% on anybody else to do my job for me. I love hubby and wouldn't trade him for anybody else, he is as much a great back-up for me as I am for him.
Now about your ladyfriend, if you care about her(how much is up to you and her), after her leaving such a great oportunity to broach the subject, I'd suggest a shopping trip. To the local fun, er gun shop so she can pick out one for herself.:yup:

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I'd suggest a shopping trip. To the local fun, er gun shop so she can pick out one for herself.:yup:
We have already talked about it. Even took her shooting. She has trouble killing flies. She could never pull the trigger on a BG in her house. I hate to say it, but she is better off NOT having a firearm in her house.

If she's comfortable in those neighborhoods, I'd be finding myself a new girl!
Ya, well, it has to do with the university she works for paying her to live close to campus. They gave her a "nice" down payment on a house because it was within 2 miles of the school. I would have looked in a different neighborhood.
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