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I finally did it.

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I finally got the cash together and applied for my CHL. :biggrin:
It was a strange and enlightening experience.
First, when I arrived at the courthouse, I frisked myself. Left knives,Leatherman,keys,change, etc in the car. Got to the courthouse and realized I could have kept my change, etc, as there was no metal detector at the doors. I wouldn't be required to "remove your shoes and belt and please pass through again, sir..."
Got to the Sheriff's offices, and no bulletproof glass??? I spoke with people across a desk? Curioser and curioser....
The woman who helped me was polite and friendly. She chit-chatted with me while processing my application quickly and efficiently. Told me it would be about 6 weeks before I get my CHL in the mail.
All in all, a very pleasant experience. Well, aside from having to pay a fee and ask permission to exercise a right, but that's another thread entirely...
It's been years since I was able to enter a courthouse without being made to feel like a criminal.
I love Oregon.
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AZ...took 10 calender days fr the loving wife's renewed permit to come back. We just redid the law, so it is now $65 for 5 years, no fingerprinting after the first renewal, original class went down to 8 hours, renewal class went down to 2 hours, carry whatever you want and however many you want with permit, (wanna carry a MAC, 1911, Seecamp and pengun? I know a guy who carried all of them at the same time, legal as Church on whatever day you care to name), open carry of same if you wish, Class 3 friendly, and you can carry your Class 3 on your permit. Yes, Virginia, if you own a legal MAC and SMZ rig, you may carry it concealed.....during the two months of the year we wear jackets....
No registration, no license, no permit to buy, shall issue CCW, (it's also non-resident, too), no waiting period, no purchase limit, no AWB, no magazine ban, open carry legal an unremarked on, shall i go one? Oh, yeah, please move here before the Calirefugees flood the state....
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