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I finally did it.

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I finally got the cash together and applied for my CHL. :biggrin:
It was a strange and enlightening experience.
First, when I arrived at the courthouse, I frisked myself. Left knives,Leatherman,keys,change, etc in the car. Got to the courthouse and realized I could have kept my change, etc, as there was no metal detector at the doors. I wouldn't be required to "remove your shoes and belt and please pass through again, sir..."
Got to the Sheriff's offices, and no bulletproof glass??? I spoke with people across a desk? Curioser and curioser....
The woman who helped me was polite and friendly. She chit-chatted with me while processing my application quickly and efficiently. Told me it would be about 6 weeks before I get my CHL in the mail.
All in all, a very pleasant experience. Well, aside from having to pay a fee and ask permission to exercise a right, but that's another thread entirely...
It's been years since I was able to enter a courthouse without being made to feel like a criminal.
I love Oregon.
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Well good on you.

Here I went to the sheriff's department to get printed. The deputy and I were joking around a little about being finger printed. He commented "You've done this before." I said yes, at least 8 times. He was curious so I explained I was former military and held many clearances that required it. Took the prints and application to the clerk of the court. Nice lady took everything and gave me my receipt and she let me know it's probably be 4-5 weeks because of the holidays. 4 weeks later they gave me a call to pick it up. I signed it and they laminated it for me and off I went.

Pretty painless. Most states that have had shall issue for awhile are pretty good. It's like any other application to them.

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