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I finally did it.

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I finally got the cash together and applied for my CHL. :biggrin:
It was a strange and enlightening experience.
First, when I arrived at the courthouse, I frisked myself. Left knives,Leatherman,keys,change, etc in the car. Got to the courthouse and realized I could have kept my change, etc, as there was no metal detector at the doors. I wouldn't be required to "remove your shoes and belt and please pass through again, sir..."
Got to the Sheriff's offices, and no bulletproof glass??? I spoke with people across a desk? Curioser and curioser....
The woman who helped me was polite and friendly. She chit-chatted with me while processing my application quickly and efficiently. Told me it would be about 6 weeks before I get my CHL in the mail.
All in all, a very pleasant experience. Well, aside from having to pay a fee and ask permission to exercise a right, but that's another thread entirely...
It's been years since I was able to enter a courthouse without being made to feel like a criminal.
I love Oregon.
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