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I FINALLY found the holster that fits me perfectly!!

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It's an Uncle Mike's #4 that was used by my old man while he was waiting for his CrossBreed. I had him ship it to me so I could try it out. I carried my PPS while shopping with the wife at Walmart and forgot it was there. Then I came home and threw in my P2K and it fit well too. I guess I need to start looking at Don Hume and the like for some leather ones. Hopefully this means I will not have to spend any more money after these two holsters, but not likely!!
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You've found something that's elusive for most. Best of luck with it.
Don Humes makes good holsters for the $$ H/D
congrats and i love don hume holsters
I plan on looking at the hume holsters. I would like to try my p2k in it to see how well it does in it.
I have a Don Hume belt slide #30 for every day carry for my PPS - perfect, superb fit!
Congrats on your find, but your still gonna' need a holster box...needs change with time.:yup::image035:
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