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I getting kitted up for front pocket carry...

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S&W 642 purchased (lockless), Desantis Nemesis in the mail, and ammo selection made. Some assembly required. Now to see if I will print and be made.

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I pocket carry a S&W 642 or 637 and have been now for about five years. I have found a couple of modifications to my wardrobe makes the task easier. I have my seamstress reinforce and lengthen my front pocket on my chinos (I wear chinos and jeans exclusvely in the summer) and jeans. I also wear a sport tshirt ("wifebeater") under my shirts. I use Perry suspenders on my belt and need the TShirt to pad the suspenders. This lowers the holster and gun to where it blends in with the thigh and you can use a larger grip on the revolver as it lies deeper in the pocket. Very few people know I carry and most of my friends would be shocked to know that I carry a gun!

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