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I hate Front Cocking Serrations

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Yes i do went out wearing my springfield loaded tonight for dinner and wearing a slide only holster and found out why ive never favored the front Serrations i know have a nice Raw spot on my leg where the stupid things rubbed itraw never had this much of a problem ...

Guess ill have to get a different holster i like the small holsters when your fat it makes it easyer to wear IWB just had to rant not to tend sore side :denk:
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Another solution might be to get a smith to fill in the serrations. Or, if you don't want a more permanent fill, try an epoxy. If that doesn't sound appealing, I suggest getting a can of "tough skin" and put a leather finish on your leg !
Actually i was thinking of getting ther Serrations removed but that probleys cost more than a holster so now to find a good holster for it maybe ill just carry the glock
comfort of carry is an important issue. If someone sees ya adjusting your gun all the time you can bet they will figure out what ya got. I like to try all my holsters out around the house for a day or 2 before wearing em outside and around town.
They are fantastic for grating Parmesan Cheese.
Sharp serration's also shred up the interior of leather holsters.
It does not really do any real harm to the holster but you get those constant fine leather shavings that "static cling" to the firearm & the lubrication.

Front slide serration's were (I guess) invented so that you could use them to help "press check" your firearm that has a F.L.G.R. Full Length Guide Rod that also serves no useful function on a Colt or Colt clone pistol.
I like the purpose of the front serations, but I actually had some stitching at the top of a nice holster cut by the front serations on a 1911 from repeated practice of draw strokes. I had to mail the holster back to the manufacturer for repair.
This is the reason I order my 1911 stipled instead of serrated.
Stainless Steel

Maybe that's one reason why my next handgun will be Stainless Steel.
Because with Stainless (which is the same material all the way through) & not a plated or applied surface finish....
Ya can do little things like carefully take those razor sharp edges off of a slide up a magazine well or do other minor cosmetic alterations without paying to refinish the that additional shipping cost!
Replace the slide with one without serrations. One of my guns has serrations and I don't feel them at all. It's secure in a holster that covers them. Try it! :sport3:
I was thinking of stoneing them downa little my self i buy mostly stainless steel and this one is
Try knocking the edges off with Scotchbrite. It gets a great finish and it'll take the edges off fairy qiuck without screwing up the rest of the finish. You can get it at any hardware store or in Walmart in the tool section.
I like Front Serrations. Man am I odd man out on this topic. The pistols I have just ordered were all ordered with Front Serrations. I am actually quite capable of weak and strong hand cycling a pistol as a result of the serrations on the front.

Do any of you practice chambering a round/cycling or clearing a jam strong hand or weak hand only?

Front Slide Serrations

The FSSs are fine as long as they are not machined razor sharp.
I don't use them but it would not bother me if they were "just on there" as long as they didn't shred anything up.
I don't think they look all that bad.
If my slide were Stainless then I would just carefully stone the razor sharp edges off & be done with it.
A number of 'smiths can perform a modification I believe called 'Browning Hi Power' relief cuts. The smith machines flat the area of the offending serrations, and it gives the pistol a unique look. It also still leaves an area that can still function as a grasping point for chamber checks. I think Victor Tibbets at has some photos of this procedure.
Again, though, on any finish other than stainless, you're gonna hafta get it refinished.

I am one of the guys who prefers the traditional Colt style of slide serrations.

In fairness I really do like Kimbers version but would prefer it only on the rear.
That is only an aesthetics thing for me. The main thing I require is that they are not sharp.

I would much prefer factory front strap grooves over front slide grooves, if given a choice.
I hate the way they look. Otherwise, they dont bother me, although I have though about removing them wth a surface grinder at work. I havent acted on that thought because they dont bother me that much, and I'm worried the about cut for the barrel bushing and the FSSs being too deep.

A while back I was loking at a BUL M5 Street Comp(?) that had the stupid one-port comp removed so that only a 4"(?) bull bbl remained. I did plan on having the FSS removed on it since they ran into the end of the slide (it looked just like someone cut the slide down on a 5" Kimber - coulda been hell on a holster).
I just posted this in another thread, but I thought it should go here as well.

I'm with you APachon, I guess we are the real loners here. LOL

Personally I like the front serrations. I think that they look great and they are a great help when you are making a chamber check in the field in the dark, or any other time I check loaded status. I find them more convienient to use than the rear serrations.

I don't like doing a "press check" from the bushing because you have to put your hand in front of the muzzle (albeit below it), I would rather use front serrations and keep the muzzle clear.

I think a previous post said that they wore a hole in him, I think he was using a Yaqui slide holster, in that case they could get tiresome. But I don't like Yaqui slide holsters, so it doesn't present a problem for me.

One other point in favor of them is if you are in a fight and are wet or bloody I want all the serrations I can have for gripping the slide for a reload or malfunction clearance.

And yes I do practice clearance drills with either hand. There are many techniques to doing this with either the front or rear sights

Just my 2 cents worth on the subject.
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I Notice the front serrations arent as razor sharp on the smith 1911SC i put on hold today there more a colt style instead of the more aggressive Springfield ones...

Ill be looking for a full legnth holster for them soon.
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