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I just bought a Winchester 1897

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Good friend and THR/CombatCarry member Preacherman is in town for a few days. So he walks in with a couple long cases and I make the mistake of saying, "So what are you peddling today?"

I was asked a few days ago if there was any gun I was looking out for and I said, "I have everything I want. "

Ha. Ha.

I already have a S&W 66, a Colt Cobra and a Kel-Tec SU-16 that I purchased from him.

"Are you familiar with the Winchester 1897? I have one here and I'll give you first dibs if you're interested....."

"Noooooooo! I mean yes I'm familiar with the 1897, but... Nooooooo! How could you bring that here? It's MINE!"

And I cradled the 1920s takedown model, 28" barrel 1897 and opened the action. Decent bluing. Good shape. Not shot much. Oh yeah. Takedown. I can get different barrels. :biggrin:

Horribly evil, gun peddling preacher. :wink:

Mrshonts: "Oh good grief. How many guns does that make now?"
Betty: "But honey, it's my dowry."
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Sweet lets see some pics .. You should have had Mrshonts buy it for a wedding present :biggrin:
No Bud

They Need A Shotgun For The Wedding! :rofl:
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Watch yer thumbs....they didn't call the 1897 the "thumb buster" for nuffin
BTW......GREAT score on that jewel of a Winchester :biggrin:
Seriously Betty...Congrats On a Nice Find.

Yep, Pics would be great if you get the time to take some.
AGREE with CLASS3NH ~ Great Firearm!:unitedsta
Absolutely one to snatch right up if one gets the rare chance.
QKShooter said:
They Need A Shotgun For The Wedding! :rofl:

You right for got they would need it for the wededing instead of a present :biggrin:
Haha Betty - silken tongued Preacherman eh!?? Make sure he behaves on his travels!

Yep - a pic will be nice when you can.
That makes three in the family now: my brother has a nice riot model, my dad has a WWI trench model complete with bayonet, and I have my looooooong boomstick. It's almost as long as I am tall. :biggrin:
It's almost as long as I am tall.
Goldarn it Betty - you could well be right!! Great pic of a great gun - and owner :smile: :banana:
Well, since Betty and Will have asked me to perform the wedding, I think my fee might just be a Winchester 1897... after which I can sell it back to her again! :biggrin:
Peter - you are just born sneaky :smile:

How's trip going? Well I hope.
Betty - Great Gun!

Thumb on side of stock - not over the stock as you know...

Oh That Preacherman is a sneaky one allright. Has this uncanny gift [divine?] to find stuff - 'right'.

Preacherman - coming back thru my way again? PM / email me.

Ironic I was just I blew thru N-ville, K- town and flew low to KY and back. Sure likes them 85mph speed limits. :wink:
Actually, my hands are small enough that the thumb buster action slides right over perfectly. :cool:

One of the reasons why I like the 1897 is for its sleek, slim profile that fits me very well. Besides being a great piece of American history (hey, if the Germans tried to ban it, it must be good!), I think it's one of the nicest looking shotguns.

I'll have to take a family portrait of all three 1897s.
cool. Have fun with it.
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