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I KNEW that I had this old opinion article saved in my computer.
THIS was the OPINION article that appeared in the PGH Tribune Review (way back) BEFORE the TOTALLY UNEVENTFUL Past NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION Convention that was held in PGH. at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. It's an OLD article.
By The Way It's Worth Noting That Convention Went Without A Hitch!!!
NOT ONE arrest was made...not one person got into trouble...not one person was drunk & disorderly...not one firearm was brandished or discharged...there was not one fight.
It was the most uneventful & POLITE event EVER held in Pittsburgh History.
The convention where NOTHING BAD HAPPENED AT ALL.
It's an old article but, I wanted you to READ what got me SO TOTALLY POed back then.
I'm VERY HAPPY to report that the Trib. has actually done a partial turnaround & are now MUCH MORE FAIR & Balanced on Pgh. "carry" & are at least mostly neutral on legal carry gun issues.
So please don't contact them about this...TRUST ME...I already did and the Editor of the Paper & I reached some pretty decent resolutions. He was a downright decent guy.
It's all water already under the bridge but you should read it because it's so doggone incredible.

I'll only mention that the Staff Writer of this article happens to be black...SINCE he played the "RACE CARD" in his opinion article first.
Keep in mind that this appeared in the OPINION section of the paper & this was this writers opinion & not necessarily the official newspaper opinion.
He has a right to his own warped opinion even if it was a pack of total lies and fabrication.
Here it is for your viewing pleasure. :chairshot

HE ENDED UP MAKING A TOTAL FOOL OUT OF HIMSELF...or rather the GREAT NRA Members made him look like a total IGNORANT MEATHEAD!

~~~~~~~~~~~~:mad: Here Is The Article Word For Word:mad: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Next weekend should prove to be one of much hilarity and light-hearted shenanigans for the 50,000 firearms enthusiasts who will pour into the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown, for the National Rifle Association's 133rd annual convention.
There probably won't be this many white men packing heat in our city since the 1918 Armistice Day parade.

Just because the NRA's soiree -- labeled "Freedom's Steel," a name disturbingly similar to the title of a Toby Keith album -- advertises "Acres of Guns" doesn't mean visitors have to get all gloomy like shoppers at a Fallujah arms bazaar. Fun, someone once said, is where you choose to make it. With this in mind, try these side-splitting pranks, which are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of even the most jaded death merchants.

Ask a gun seller whether he carries any weapons that shoot rapid-fire cream pies. Explain that there's a particularly annoying clown on your block who needs to be taken out. Say this while winking every so often.
When trying on a new .44 magnum pistol for size, ask whether there's a model available with a quart-capacity flask attached for evenings out. Remind the seller of how "the only thing more fun than shooting is drinking and shooting."

Dress up in a white sheet and pointed hood and carry a noose. Then ask gun salesmen whether they have anything to "help create the perfect matching ensemble."

Find the convention's organizers and demand to know why Dirty Harry, Rambo and "that weird Moses guy" aren't appearing in person this year.

Tell passers-by you're thinking of starting a street gang and need information about the best kinds of guns and ammo to use for drive-bys.

Set up a booth selling accidental death insurance policies and grave markers. Offer a free cemetery plot with the purchase of any assault rifle.

Skip places in the line of visitors waiting to enter the convention center by insisting that you're mad as hell at that nosy mother-in-law and need to get even, right now.

Get hold of the speaker phones connected to the public-address system and shout "Hey everybody -- Bill and Hillary Clinton are outside the building!" The stampede should last for hours.

Find a table specializing in the sort of teflon-coated bullets that are capable of piercing bulletproof vests. Tell the seller you were considering becoming a police officer until you saw them."

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Geez thats kinda weird, not even funny in places. How the hell did it ever get into print?(I know you can't answer that). Few reporters are around that can just write a story, they either leave stuff out because its PC to do so or fluff the story.

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QK - I'd not have believed that got written (and published) unless seen with my own eyes!!!
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