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I ran across one of thos great deals I'm always reading about.

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I was in a mall nearby my office with a friend yesterday afternoon, and we did a quick recon through the mall's gun shop.

They had an old no-dash S&W model 36 Chief's Special, square butt 2" in 85-90% condition for $189. The timing was a little slow on one chamber, but it wouldn't make any practical difference.

Anyway, generally Chief's Specials sell for $350-395 around here - I felt like this one was about $150 too cheap, and I told the guys behind the counter that they ought to adjust the price. They suggested that I buy it, instead.

Well, I resisted for about 45 minutes. I went back to the office, and then later spoke to my wife when we were leaving town. She told me that I should go for it (she's a peach), so I called the shop up. They've put it behind the counter with my name on it, and I'll go pick it up the next time I'm up in Santa Fe (on Tuesday).

(I really need to get a digital camera one of these days, so I can post photos of these little dandies.)

Anyway, I'm pretty tickled to have run across a good deal. Heaven knows I don't need another small .38 special, but they're just so neat. :D
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Not only a nice deal, but a decent gunshop! Very cool! What\'s the shops'name and location for anyone else looking for good place?

Congratulations on getting a good deal for yourself.
Now you DO need to also find a good deal on a digital camera & pop a few photos for us. :lol:
Stay Safe & Shoot It In Good Health!
Thanks, folks. Armoredman, it\'s The Outdoorsman in Santa Fe.
Great news. OUr local gun shop is just the opposite. They act like they are doing you a favor to wait on you. I avoid them like the plague.
Dang that IS a good deal. Those Smiths in my experience command a pretty hefty price in these parts.
Excellent even now and then ya can walk into a deal i always do when im not looking for anything
GREAT DEAL Erich. Up in the Northe Country in Nh here, I've also run across a place in Kittery Maine, called Kittery Trading Post. I'm NOT putting in any plugs here for em BUT if you're looking for a good honest deal in almost anything, then checkout their used guns area. They WILL ship to your local FFL if you make a purchase. I've been dealing with them for about 25 yrs now, and they stock about 1000 handguns in the used case, not to mention over 2000 used rifles and shotguns on the floor at any given time. Their website is WWW.KTP.Com. Just some added excitment for ya'll to look at
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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