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I-Shot Range Rug and Mag Pouch Review's

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Well i needed some Gun Rug's So i decided to try out the I-shot First ..

I ordered 2 of these in different colors So i could tell what 1911 was in them by color

The bag is very well built and padded well.

My only complaint is it to big for just one pistol and if you put 2 in it you would need them in separate Smaller rugs to keep from banging off of each other.

You can fit 7 Double stack mags in the front under a velcro enclosure or 14 single stacks..

There are 2 very large pockets on the back for what ever you need to cram in there..

If you are taking just a pistol this is a cool bag to have

So the I-shot Range Rug get's a 4 :toilet:

Next up

The Mag Pouch This is pretty simple it is some tough canvas with pockets sowed into it so you can Fit 6 double stack mags or 12 single stack mags.

I've been thinking of attaching these to maybe the safe door to hold mags in place..

Nice thing is i just load my mag's fit them into Mag pouch then when i wanna go shoot i can grab the Range rug and a Mag pouch and have a bunch of preloaded mags.

The Mag Pouch Get's a 5 :toilet:
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Useful, but ........... it seems, judging by the scores :wink:

Thing is tho - were they still worth the money?!

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I have an iShot bag and several mag pouches. I've used and abused them for about a year now with no signs of giving up the (nylon) ghost. Excellent gear.

Helmie from iShot is a great guy too...met him during SHOT Show.

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Thanks for the review. I- Shot makes a good product.

When I started shooting IDPA I bought the big I-Shot Tournament bag. It has three pistol pockets,Mag holders and several dividers and accessory products. It is a well made piece of equipment.

But,If I had it to do over again I would buy several of the range bags as were reviewed above. I would carry one around at the matches traveling to the different stages with only ammo, mags and a few necesities with me. All the other stuff would be stowed in another bag in the vehicle to be retrieved if I needed it.

I did just buy three of the mag carrier pouches in three different colors. I have one for 1911 match mags,1911 range mags and Glock mags. They are very handy and reasonable priced.
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