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I think I got jipped!

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At the recent show I bought a factory mossberg shorter synthetic forend. I tried to install it last night and it's shorter on the rear, so it doesn't overlap the receiver. But the front end is too long and the nut doesn't reach the threads on the pump anymore. I guess I can cut it down, but I want ed to post some pics first incase I am looking at it wrong.

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I don't know about cutting it down, I guess it would work. Before you do that why not call the manufacturer? You could call Mossberg. The forend looks like a Speedfeed, try them. They may be willing to exchange it for the proper one. It is worth a try.
What type of mossberg???
Mossberg 500. He said it was a take-off, that he removed to put on a pistolgrip forend.
It's been a long time since I had a Mossy, but I think you have a 590 fore end(the 9 shot 500, not the new Mil 590A1), IIRC that fore is longer than the 5 shot 500's.
I have an adapter nut that I don't was originally intended for a hogue forend to a mossy 835....but the threadings are the same size on the 500 and 835. It is basically a longer nut with the threading on the distal end so that it can reach the grooves. I took a pic next to a quarter to give you an idea of relative size. Let me know if you think it will work----it will probably only cost a couple bucks to ship...I'd be happy to send it over for free.

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Mossberg changed their forend tube design on the 500 sometime in the past two years -- I never have been able to find out when. But, if your forend tube is 6 3/4" long and if the forend you bought fits the new tube, there's an adapter nut available from Hogue that will go down inside your new forend and reach the threads.
I hadn't thought of this until Rob posted, but I'll bet Mossberg just went to the 590 forend length across all models and it's got a longer tube than the old 500s.
Oops -- while I was writing, Bill posted what I am talking about.
WJP9 you have a PM

Just to make sure you received my reply....I'll mail that to you tomorrow....hope it works out.
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