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Since I recently got a Sig P-238, I wanted a small holster for it. Bullard seemed to have the perfect solution, a tuckable single clip IWB. First let's say I'm very pleased with Bullard's service. I received it in a week even though They quoted 6 weeks. (Maybe they had an extra).
I like very much the quality of the materials, the fit of the gun is perfect. The trigger and safety are completely covered.
Leather is nice. If I were going to find a critical thing, maybe the stitching could be a little more uniform. No broken threads, mind you, just some irregular depth of stitches. However, I was paying $54 not $100 plus.
I was happy. The tuckable has a leather spacer and the belt clip is then encased in leather. Looks really nice. You can adjust the cant with a screw.
I'm a big guy. The tuckable clip makes the holster a lot wider. Space for the shirt, then the clip. It makes a lump under my shirt. It was very tight against my skin. I'd recommend a tee shirt under everything, as the leather doesn't slide on your skin so any movement is a pinch.
I think a tuckable would be more usable with two clips, fore and aft to get the holster as thin as possible.
Probably a better deal for a slimmer guy.
I may try an OWB and learn to wear shirts that are not tucked in.

For the money, you can't beat Bullard's holster though. I'd rate it above Don Hume for the same money.

I'll get another from him, I was very happy with the service.
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